Change Static/Dynamic IP

How to change your static or dynamic IP address

So do you want to change your IP address now ? First of all you may want to know if you have a static or dynamic IP address, because you can easily change a dynamic IP address by simply resetting your modem or router, on the other hand you cannot change a static IP address. Take also in mind that if you want to hide your IP address online, you need to buy a VPN service that assures you 100% online anonymity.

Your IP address now is:

Static IP Address

ISPs generally assign a static IP address to businesses and companies, however in some cases it is assigned also to home users. A static IP address is a particular IP address that is static, that does not change even if you reset your modem or router. If you have a static IP address then your only possibility to really change your static IP address is to use a premium VPN service, that allows you to easily change your IP address and spoof your IP country, plus it encrypts also all your Internet traffic, making it impossible for hackers to sniff or steal your Internet activity (such as sensitive information submitted via web forms, including (but not limited to) usernames and passwords).

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Dynamic IP Address

A dynamic IP address is generally assigned by ISPs to their home customers (not businesses) and your actual IP address may be shared by other users of your ISP. To know if you have a dynamic IP address you just need to check your IP address, then reset your modem or router, wait 5 minutes, and check your IP address again, if it has changed, then you have a dynamic IP address. To change your dynamic IP address you just need to reset your modem or router. If you want to hide your IP address online, you still need to buy a good VPN service for best anonymity.

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